Association Meeting Agenda

PTA Association Meeting Agenda: September 20, 2017

​1. Call to Order: Marcia Bennett

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Adoption of August Association Minutes

4. Report of the Exceptive Board:
a. Board Recommendations:
i. To use Tacos Genius, Jersey Mikes Sundeallas Buon Gusto Italian ice at fall festival
ii. To use “World of Pure Imagination” (Willy Wonka & Book of life) theme for the Fall Festival
iii. To have Jeff Becker from party perfections assist Kathleen Ismail
iv. To use AV party rentals for Fall festival
v. To order games prizes from several online vendors for fall festival
vi. To rent/buy a cotton candy machine
vii. To increase the Fall Festival budget to $5500
viii. Cake Walk managed by the Tapia and her selected parent (Marti W)
ix. To increase Red Ribbon Week budget to $500
x. To use for red ribbon week assembly
xi. To add beanies and mittens for spirt wear winter orders
xii. Open Line item for Field Trips to VT Ranch
xiii. To allow Jeff Dillehunt to redesign the PTA website & PTA to purchase the template for the site
xiv. PTA to purchase coffee and snacks for “Coffee with Mrs. Lupica” & Water and cookies for District Meeting at Golden Oak

5. Audit: Cherish/Deirdre

6. Treasurer’s Report: Deirdre Dillehunt
a. Ratify Checks
b. Financial presentation/report
c. Open line items on the budget

7. Presidents Report: Marcia Bennett
​a. Website:
​b. Email:

8. Principals Report: Mrs. Lupica

9. Committee Reports:
a. Membership: Denise Rubenstein
b. Reflections: Koi Howard- Deadline Oct. 12th
c. Student Store: Angel Olmedo
d. Apex: Jen Terry
e. Family Fun Night: Jen Terry
f. Fall Festival: Kathleen Ismail

10. Unfinished Business:

11. New Business: None

12. Comments & Questions

13. Adjourn Meeting: Marcia Bennett

Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Family Fun Night September 22nd
Fall Break October 2nd – 6th
Chipotle Night October 12th
Picture Day (makeup) October 18th
Fall Festival October 20th
Red Ribbon Week October 23rd – 27th

Next Association Meeting: October 25 at 3pm in the MPR